Sketch by Rene Bouche, 1967

C.Z. Guest is a perennial inspiration to many. She was known for her classic, decisively American style, admirable confidence and self-understanding, among many other attributes. The book C.Z. Guest American Style Icon showcases her life and style beautifully. One page in particular showcases a unique set of dinner invitations used by Mrs. Guest that we find uniquely chic.

The fill-in cards feature a family crest and take us back to the thank you notes we filled out as small children, with the sophistication level turned way up. There’s something casual and refined about this stationary, and we love the note C.Z. includes about her attire. One can imagine the other informative hints she may have given guests.

We love the idea of using these cards today for cocktail parties, relatively impulsive dinner parties, birthday lunches, etc. They can be sent out 3-4 days in advance to local guests, and will add major clout to your event. Again, cheeky notes catered to each guest will have guests talking long before they even arrive.

Storied New York stationer Dempsey & Carroll carries similar cards in a variety of colors. They have incredible custom capabilities and we just may need a set with our signature MM blue edge. Add a character or monogram to yours to channel your own version of C.Z.’s unabashedly confident style.

Dempsey Carroll “Request the Pleasure Fill-in Invitation”


Dempsey Carroll “In Honor Of Fill-in Invitation”



A very appropriate post party note

If you really love the idea and want to add more personal flair, we would also recommend working with our darling friends at Cheree Berry Paper in Saint Louis, MO or Ashley D. Studio in Denver, CO.