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Our Story

About the Brand

Molly Moorkamp is a direct to consumer womenswear brand focusing on accessible occasion pieces that elevate the everyday. After developing a custom business with clients all over the country, Molly has designed a ready to wear ecommerce collection to embody her timeless and energetic aesthetic, anchored in color & femininity. Molly Moorkamp offers considered yet playful pieces for any occasion, from cocktail hour to sunrise, just a click away.

Our Mission

We make a conscious effort to communicate with you as much as possible about our wonderful collections and upcoming events. The glamour, the fun, and the festive. And although we don't often offer a closer look behind the scenes of our business model, we want you to know that when you buy from MM, you're investing in so much more than florals.

You're investing in America. 100% of our clothing is proudly made in the United States. That means jobs for women in America and New York. Most of our seamstresses I happily visit every day are women, and it brings me great pride to see how we help support American families.

You're investing in the environment. A key principle of being a direct to consumer company is less waste. No international air shipping garments each season, and no department stores overbuying our product, just to be marked down 80% at the end of each season, transferred to an outlet store, transferred to the trash to be burned. We only invest in what you tell us you're looking for, straight from you to me. Delightfully, all of our packaging is 100% recyclable.

You're investing in your wardrobe. Because we are a direct to consumer brand, we offer quality pieces at a significantly lower price. If we chose to sell in department stores, we would be forced to either double our price point, or make our collections overseas, at much poorer quality factories, with far less regulations or ability to react to feedback. We are sustainable, accessible luxury.

We are not fast fashion, and we are not high end designer luxury. We simply design beautifully constructed clothing, straight from me to you. I will always listen to 100% of your feedback and adapt, because you're my top priority. Not fancy stores, not celebrities, not fashion shows, you. We love hearing from you at, so please continue to send us mail.