Our summer prints heavily feature terra cotta pots, which to me aboslutely scream high summer. What feels like an 85 degree July afternoon more than a cheery pot of bright red geraniums? Collectable, a great gift, valued by both seasoned gardeners and aspiring city dwellers with just a fire escape, these vessels have endless possibilities.

I became particularly charmed by Campo de' Fiori pots while at a trunk show hosted for our Spring Collection by the lovely Sarah Bartholomew at her impeccable home store, SB. Sarah Bartholomew, in Nashville, Tennessee. I noticed them in the kitchen of the shop stacked above a refrigerator and instantly recognized the distinct shape. 

Sarah's shop assisted me in ordering from Campo and I knew they would become the centerpiece of our new MM summer prints, as well as a great new personal collectable. I prefer the Aged English Planters, and have already used them in a variety of ways - they could be planted with myrtle topiaries or boxwood for a house warming gift, miniature hydrangea bushes in blue or pink to celebrate the birth of a new baby, or purchase a coordinating glass insert to use as a vase for arrangements. 

Now get out there and start planting beauties.