As the month of May comes into full swing, soon-to-be brides can't help but think of the perfect settings for their special day. The prime season for weddings has begun, and though a bride's will cannot bend the weather index, what's a girl to do when the forecast is not 75 and sunny?

Like most aspects of this all important day, many weather conditions that may occur has a superstitious meaning tied to it. Rainbows are obviously a sign of good luck, but fear not should the wedding occur during the proceeding rain. Rain symbolizes the washing away of any unhappiness or negativity from your past, and is said to keep a bride's eyes dry the rest of her married life.

Snow is a symbol of fertility and future prosperity. And should you really be ardent for balmy conditions, take cue from an old Southern practice and bury a bottle of Bourbon in the ground exactly one month before the wedding date to prevent inclement conditions. We prefer Maker's Mark.