If you’ve attended one of our Spring trunk shows or follow MM on Instagram, then you know we have an infinity for these classic summer flowers at MM HQ. We love to fill baskets, ice or champagne buckets, and other vessels with the buxom blooms to conjure the spirit of warmer weather during our pre order season events. Whether gathered in monochrome or a multitude of cheery colors, hydrangeas are easy to arrange and impactful en masse.

We've adopted a scheme of traditional white, blue and green hydrangeas for our Spring trunk show tour (readily available in any city) but we're most inspired by the many varietals - over 49 species - of the beloved species that are available upon request at specialty florists and wholesale vendors. Keep a look out for some of the below beauties for your next special occasion. 


"Nikko Blue" Hydrangeas are a typical blue variety we love for its proximity to our branding color, which we call "MM Blue".


"Antique Green" Hydrangeas are a welcome addition in late summer and early autumn.


"Vanilla Stawberry" Hydrangeas are a conical variety whose feminine frills scream high summer style.

"Bretschneideri" Hydrangea is a distinctive and breezy variety from Beijing.

"Harlequin Macrophylla" Hydrangeas are an extremely unique Dutch variety you can find gathered in the chicest of homes. 


"Sibilla Red Antique" Hydrangeas were a favorite last year at our MM Thanksgiving table.


"Verena Classic Blue and White" Hydrangeas are a dreamy mix of light blue and white that we love to mix in arrangements with other varieties. 

"Rodeo Cherry" Hydrangeas are a festive and carefree variety to send to someone unabashedly feminine in your life. 

These beauties have us counting down to warmer weather days and scheming our new summer prints! Who to say what's in store in the coming months, amid the blooms in some fresh MM with a cocktail?