On Watches

How do you feel about watches? A quintessential status symbol, the time piece has long been worn to convey various descriptors. Yet there is no one way to wear a watch. There are a multitude of opinions on how, when, where and why to wear this piece of jewelry. Left or right wrist? What metal is appropriate for what age? Swiss or French? We are fascinated by these points of view and are sharing a few below that you may not have known. 

Wallis Simpson, the Duchess of Windsor, was an infamous figure who was known the world over for her relationship with King Edward VIII, leading to his abdication from the throne. A consummate clothes horse known for her sleek penchant for minimal couture as well as her incredible jewelry collection, (she is said to have commissioned the first piece of Cartier panther jewelry) she was told by Franco Verdura that women's watches were "common" and she only used one which hung from a delicate chain on her purse. 

Gianni Agnelli, the famed Italian Industrialist who ran Fiat for most of his life (and was the wizard of the "Dolce Vita" set of the late 1950s on the Mediterranean) was quoted as being too busy to lift his shirt cuff to read the time, so he dandily wore his watch on top of the shirt cuff. 

We love to see how people create their own unique style with any piece of clothing or jewelry. Perhaps these larger than life personalities will inspire you to invent your own signature flourish the next time someone asks for the time!