As April comes to a close, Spring is in full swing and one of our favorite flowers is on full display, from Park Avenue partitions to the planting beds of discerning gardeners across the country. The showy beauties of April & May, tulips in all varieties are a constant inspiration and giver of joy to us at MM. They've been employed countless times, at tastemaker's country garden escapes and in a certain movie wedding planner's vision of the perfect entry border "amongst the swans". We hope you enjoy some our favorites below, and look out for them on your next Spring jaunt. 

Parrot tulips are quite possibly our most favorite Tulip at MM. The ruffly edges and gutsy color combinations scream celebration. Here, a pale variety of "Apricot Parrot Tulip".

A more saturated variant of "Apricot Parrot Tulip". We're scheming to distill this flower into the perfect party frock!

"White Parrot Tulip" is a very elegant, quiet variety that we frequently pull when in need of refinement. We love the combination of green and white. 

Parrot Tulip "Estella Rijnveld" is a dramatic variety that recalls the buxom bouquets of old Flemish master paintings. 



"White Triumphator" tulips are an elegant, tall variety with pointed edges. They are also called the "lipsticks of gardens". Sign me up!

"Queen of the Night" Tulips are a somewhat macabre variety, but in just the right way. Oscar de la Renta famously mixed these with White Triumphators behind a border of boxwood in the gardens of his fabled Connecticut estate, and Tom Ford planted an all black garden in London of Queen of the Night Roses and black calla lilies. A bold statement indeed. 

"Honeymoon Fringe" Tulips are aptly named, as they are one of our favorite wedding flowers. We used them for our first bridal collection shoot, and love the dramatic edges. 


Any of these varietals look incredible at home on their own. We love to gather large swaths of whatever special may be available for the coffee table, mixed with a smaller arrangement of a different variety on the bar and in the bathroom. Be sure to make the most of these beauties in the coming weeks!