The Pink Panther

When was the last time you watched The Pink Panther? It might sound surprising as one of our top MM film inspirations, but settle into just the first 5 minutes of the film, and the Henry Mancini soundtrack will jog your memory. Aside from the lovable cartoon jungle cat and slapstick humor, the 1963 film features incredible style that earned preservation on the National Film Registry at the Library of Congress. Oh, and "the most fabulous diamond in the world". We're sold. 

Yves Saint Laurent designed the costumes which scream carefree-Cortina-cocktail-chic loud enough for us to consider why an Italian ski sojourn is not on the top of our list? Claudia Cardinale's exotic, heady beauty contrasted with Capucine's gamine ambivalence is a perfect combination, especially when paired with higher than heaven updo's, parties every evening, and the perfect ski turtleneck. 

A perfect pink turtleneck for those après ski calls.

*Just* the right amount of embellishment topped off with a serious headpiece. 

We always love tonal looks - again, do we spy Bahamian Turq + Cool Mint? Where did we come up with that again?

Does this not scream Birdy? And now that we've launched Bridal, who says you can't copy the look to T with a "just because" Mrs. Birdy Top + Mrs. Martini Pant moment at your next cocktail party?

Don't you frost your hair to match your dinner ensemble? This is going in the to do list for our next special event hair moment. The jewels don't hurt either..

Until next time we meet in Cortina. We hope you took thorough notes for your upcoming travel, as evidenced by The Pink Panther, you never know who you'll meet while in a foreign land...