It's no secret that we love botanicals at MM HQ. One of the many inspirations we referenced while developing our spring print, "Devonshire", is a unique collection of porcelain we came across called Chelsea 'Hans Sloane'. 

The collection was produced by the storied British porcelain manufacturer, Chelsea, in the 1750's. The porcelain features lively and colorful botanicals showcasing an array of unusual botanical specimens, creatures and critters. We are so drawn to the playful mix of motifs, colors, and bold scales.

Though the botanical prints themselves are attributed to an artist named G. D. Ehret, they are based on botanical specimen from London's Chelsea Physic Garden - a public botanical garden close to the Chelsea Porcelain factory, started by Sir Hans Sloane.

Sloane was a noted physician & collector whose extensive estate would later become the basis of the British Museum and the Museum of Natural History in London. He is also attributed as the inventor of chocolate milk! We love the curious, inquisitive nature behind the origin of this beautiful porcelain. 


Reproductions are readily available at an affordable price point directly through Chelsea, and we love the idea of mix/matching all the schemes at home. Stay curious and you just may find an origin story that sticks with you as well!